Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Pakistani Group Hacks Burger Singh Website

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Burger Singh, an Indian Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) brand, issued a formal communication to apprise its clientele of an unfortunate incident about the company’s website being compromised on February 27th, 2024, by a group identified as Team Insane PK, operating from Pakistan.

Issuing a tongue-in-cheek reaction, the company said: “Our website, while undergoing development, received an unexpected makeover, courtesy of the aforementioned group. Despite our efforts, the situation remains unresolved. We liken this to a neglected room in one’s home, awaiting attention. In response, we have opted not to immediately remove the defacement but to allow it to remain visible for a day, akin to an open forum for hackers. This decision reflects our unconventional approach and acknowledgment of inspiration’s unexpected sources.”

The culprits belong to a group known for their digital doodling on sites from Delhi Police to Mumbai Police and beyond, and seem to have taken a new-found interest in Burger Singh’s website. “Their resume is impressive, in a ‘most wanted’ kind of way, and now, we’re the latest addition,” said the company.  

The back-story to the cyber saga involves a promotional code issued by Burger Singh, “Fpak20,” which was initially conceived by the QSR chain to offer discounts to people who bought their burgers. Turns out, what was initially conceived as a clever idea, has now come to yield unexpected results for the company.

Regarding the hackers, Burger Singh said that it remains undeterred, and will focus instead on enhancing its offerings and reputation. “We assure you that our commitment to progress and culinary excellence remains steadfast. To our loyal patrons, we extend our gratitude for your continued support. Rest assured, this digital disruption is temporary, and our journey is defined by resilience and optimism.”

The company invited its customers to stay connected, enjoy their food cravings, and join in the laughter as it tackles the challenge of restoring its website from the defacement.

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