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Third Wave Coffee introduces new culinary creations and limited-time offerings

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Embarking on a culinary journey that spans from dawn to dusk, Third Wave Coffee, a coffee first QSR chain introduced an all-new menu, a symphony of diverse flavours tailored to cater to every craving throughout the day. Elevating the experience, this extensive selection of culinary delights promises to tantalize taste buds and awaken the senses. 

Distinguished by its commitment to culinary excellence, the brand has elevated its offerings to include an extensive array of gastronomic delights that span multiple sub- categories, ranging from bagels and sandwiches to wraps, toasties, pancakes, hummus and pita, desserts, and more—a delightful augmentation to their existing range of culinary creations.  

The breakfast offerings draw inspiration from diverse international flavors, inviting diners to embark on a culinary journey through a curated menu of wraps, toasties, and desserts. Each dish is a culinary passport, transcending borders to bring the best of international flavors to the heart of India, creating a dining experience that resonates with both familiarity and a delightful sense of exploration. From the break of dawn to the quiet of midnight, patrons can relish an array of mouth-watering options, each meticulously curated to complement specific moments of the day. Designed for lunch and dinner, Mexican-flavored soft paneer cubes, the zest of Indian-style paneer tikka, and the savory indulgence of peppered chicken provide a gastronomic journey like never before.  

The menu unfolds a captivating assortment of creations, featuring the Achari Paneer Sandwich, a fusion of Indian-style paneer tikka, Makhani Mayo, crunchy coleslaw, and fresh lettuce enveloped in herbed focaccia bread. The Mexican Paneer Sandwich showcases the marriage of soft paneer cubes, spicy aioli, crisp lettuce, and indulgent coleslaw embraced by the same herbed focaccia bread. Add to the mix the Spicy Potato Sandwich, Pepper Chicken Sandwich, and the Spicy Chicken Sandwich for an even wider spectrum of choices. 

From the Pepper Chicken Sandwich, featuring peppered chicken cubes and Herb n Pepper Mayo, to the Tandoori Chicken Sandwich with roasted tandoori chicken and Makhani mayo, and the Spicy Chicken Sandwich boasting herbed chicken and spicy aioli — the collection offers a symphony of flavors. Each sandwich is thoughtfully crafted with layers of coleslaw, lettuce, and served with perfectly seasoned flavored potato chips, promises a delightful and satisfying culinary experience. 

This diverse selection is thoughtfully designed to cater to every palate and satiate cravings throughout the day, ensuring a remarkable dining experience from sunrise to midnight. Whether it’s a hearty breakfast, a satisfying lunch, a quick and flavorful snack, a fulfilling dinner, or a late-night indulgence, patrons are spoiled for choice with an expansive menu that transcends the ordinary. 

For those who relish shared moments, the Chicken Toasties and Paneer Toasties serve as the perfect embodiment of ‘Moments Worth Sharing.’ These delectable offerings invite friends and loved ones to craft stories with every delightful bite, making time together truly memorable.” 

The experience extends beyond sandwiches with the introduction of Chicken and Paneer Wraps—a perfect amalgamation of flavors and textures, expertly wrapped for those seeking a convenient yet indulgent option on the go. 

To add a touch of seasonal enchantment, Third Wave Coffee unveiled a limited time offering that dazzles the senses. Patrons can revel in the enchanting Toffee Nut Mocha Frappe, warm their souls with the Toffee Nut Mocha Latte, or surrender to the allure of the Triple Chocolate Frappe—a celebration of flavors that captures the essence of the festive season. 

Whether patrons are coffee aficionados, culinary adventurers, or simply seekers of pure delight, Third Wave Coffee’s new menu promises an unforgettable experience that unfolds seamlessly from breakfast to lunch and extends its allure into dinner.  The new menu is accessible at all the outlets and for online orders.

About Third Wave Coffee
Third Wave Coffee is a coffee and food QSR brand founded by Ayush Bathwal, Anirudh Sharma, and Sushant Goel in 2017. With a commitment to quality and innovation, the homegrown coffee QSR chain has rapidly expanded to over 100+ stores nationwide, earning a reputation as the fastest-growing coffee brand in the country. Third Wave Coffee is dedicated to providing a high-quality coffee-first experience to its customers across the country with a specific focus on high-quality beans, convenient locations, and a technology-enabled consumer experience.

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