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Brand Profile: The Chocolate Room brings unique chocolate cafes to India

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The Chocolate Room stands as a comprehensive destination for all chocolate enthusiasts, offering a one-stop solution for diverse chocolate needs. The brand distinguishes itself by consistently introducing innovative concepts within the chocolate segment. TCR has pioneered the chocolate cafe experience in the country, with no precedent existing before its entry. Through a commitment to continuous innovation, The Chocolate Room has redefined the chocolate cafe landscape, providing a distinctive and unparalleled offering to its patrons in India.

About the Brand

The Chocolate Room started its brand journey in the year 2007. From the very beginning, the brand has shown continuous innovation in the chocolate cafe segment. TCR follows a franchise model to scale the brand pan-India. Today they have crossed more than 300 + chocolate cafes and spreading more cafes across the globe. 

The main branches are located in Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata and Chennai. The brand has an average national monthly revenue of over INR 8 cr per month. 

Brand’s USP

The brand’s USP is its chocolate desserts and chocolate hot beverages namely Hot Chocolate. The Chocolate Room is a one-stop solution for all chocolate needs. The brand’s big strength is its customers. They have positioned themselves in the Indian market as a chocolate cafe since 2007. For the last 15 + years the brand has been gaining trust from 4 regions customers of the country. 

The brand takes pride in curating an exceptional team of skilled chocolatiers who are dedicated to achieving culinary excellence. These chocolatiers, driven by a passion for their craft, meticulously craft a range of exquisite delicacies that showcase not only their expertise but also a commitment to delivering an unparalleled chocolate experience. 

From artisanal chocolates to indulgent desserts, each creation is a testament to the skill and artistry of the culinary team. Through continuous innovation and a pursuit of perfection, the chocolatiers elevate the chocolate-savoring experience, ensuring that every bite is a symphony of flavors and textures that captivates the senses.

Brand’s Vision

The brand aspires to secure a coveted position among the top chocolate-serving cafes. TCR has a clear and compelling vision that revolves around delivering excellence in both product quality and the immersive experience offered by its chocolate cafes, which stand as foundational pillars for its success.

Drawing insights from the observation of the local audience, TCR is committed to continuous innovation and development of new products finely tuned to the discerning preferences of the local palate, ensuring a dynamic and tailored approach to meet the unique tastes of the community they serve.

Future Plans

The brand envisions reaching a milestone of 500+ chocolate cafes, strategically extending its footprint to smaller cities across India. The brands aim to raise public funds and thus open more cafes in regional cities of the country. This expansion plan is not limited to merely serving delectable chocolates; rather, it encompasses a comprehensive offering that includes an array of chocolate-related beverages, desserts, and a curated selection of Western food items. It reflects the brand’s commitment to bringing exceptional chocolate experiences to a broader audience, enriching the culinary landscape in smaller cities with a diverse and enticing menu.


Retailer/ Brand Name: The Chocolate Room

Parent Company:Aussie-Indo Hospitality Group

Company Headquarters: Ahmedabad

Launch Year: 2007

Key Executive: Chaitanya Kumar .L

Retail Format: Chocolate cafe


Target Customer Base: Families, youth & corporates

Unique Offerings: Chocolate desserts,

Sizzlers, Italian & Mexican food

Options for Take-out, Delivery, or Catering Services: All are available


Average Sales per Day/Week/Month: 8+ Cr per month

Employee Base: 2000+ employees

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