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Progressive Grocer – June 2024

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D2C brands are redefining retail with direct consumer engagement and tech innovation, challenging norms and sparking growth. Yet, scaling presents hurdles, demanding strategic solutions for sustained success. Read the story (pages 24-28) to know how D2C brands can navigate the complexities and challenges of scaling, and thrive in today’s competitive retail landscape.

Our cover story in this issue (pages 30-41) features a newbie brand that replaced the iconic Foodhall at the Bandra West, Mumbai property owned by actor Salman Khan. In 2023, when Foodhall was singing its swan song, it approached the founders of Food Square, then one of its leading vendors, to take over the business. However, the deal fell through over certain legal issues and Foodhall vacated the property.

The departure opened an opportunity for Food Square’s founders Mayank and Lalit to pull a power move and launch their own gourmet store at the marquee site. Now, some six months into operations, Food Square stands like a Faberge gem in Mumbai’s culinary universe.

With current earnings of Rs. 3 crore per month, Food Square has attracted high net worth investors including none other than Salman Khan himself.

The brand is intent on making its revenue pot bigger to Rs. 300 crore over the next three years besides expanding to 10 stores in Mumbai and beyond.

Turn to pages (pages 44-52) to read about the hot trends shaping India’s FMCG industry. Generative AI, E-commerce, Digitalization, Demographic Shifts, and Sustainability are some key factors influencing consumer choices and behaviour. As the FMCG market gets more competitive, success will be measured by a company’s ability to anticipate and grow based on future trends.

Hope our readers will find the issue packing a punch with stories that offer a great read.


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