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Progressive Grocer – March 2024

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Amajor supermarket chain in southern India is commemorating its silver jubilee this month: 25 years of remarkable success in the food and grocery retail industry. Vijetha Supermarkets’ journey from a modest 1,000 sq.ft. store in Hyderabad to a network of 109 outlets spanning Telangana and Andhra Pradesh speaks volumes about its founder Jagan Mohan Rao’s steadfast dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

Our cover story this month (pages 22–32) eloquently portrays Rao’sjourney from humble origins to its current status as a leader in the retail industry. Originating from the agricultural heartland of Andhra Pradesh, Rao nurtured ambitious aspirations. Commencing his career on the shop floor of Trinetra Supermarket, Rao steadily ascended to build his own retail empire. Currently, Vijetha Supermarkets encompasses over 5 lakh square feet of retail space and expects revenues to reach Rs. 850 crore this fiscal year.

In this issue, we highlight two emerging brands in the healthy snacks category (pages 48–51). In a world where potato chips and sugary treats reign supreme, the notion of okra, or bhindi in popular parlance, as a snack may appear whimsical to the uninitiated. Yet, Karanth’s Food has ventured into transforming everyday vegetables like okra, carrots, and bitter gourd into delicious snacks, challenging conventional notions with innovative creations. Meanwhile, Nutri Binge by Fitfire Consumer is aiming to democratize dry fruit consumption across the nation. The brand has achieved unprecedented success within its inaugural year with plans to surpass Rs. 100 crore in revenue by 2024-25.

This issue’s package has lots more to offer – how innovations and trends are changing the face of India’s booming breakfast foods’ market to Walmart’s vision to facilitate the sourcing of $10 billion worth of goods annually by 2027 from India.


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