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Prime Minister Modi Uses CHUK’s Sustainable Tableware at Ayodhya’s Grand Maha Pooja

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In a groundbreaking moment at the grand Maha Pooja ceremony in Ayodhya’s Ram Mandir on Jan. 22, Prime Minister Modi embraced a conscious choice, opting for CHUK’s sustainable tableware to offer prasad to Ram Lalla. This eco-friendly decision isn’t just a mere act but a profound commitment to environmental stewardship, echoing the sacredness of the occasion — a beautiful fusion of tradition and sustainability.

Pakka Limited, the maker of CHUK’s biodegradable tableware and a pioneer in compostable packaging solutions, has stitched up a collaboration with the Ram Mandir Trust. Their mission? To weave sustainability into the very fabric of this historic event in Ayodhya and extend its impact far beyond the temple’s walls.

This collaboration actively works towards sustainable practices, strategically aiming to cut down on waste and contribute to Ayodhya’s environmental well-being. It aligns with the broader initiative led by the Uttar Pradesh Government, with a clear goal of transitioning Ayodhya into a plastic-free zone.

Through the incorporation of CHUK’s biodegradable tableware, the Ayodhya Mandir Trust becomes a living testament to eco-friendly practices, beckoning others to join the mission of sustainable alternatives.

CHUK’s eco-friendly and sustainability efforts go beyond the temple setting, reaching out to support Ayodhya’s local community. This aligns with Pakka’s broader commitment to creating a cleaner, greener planet for future generations. In this narrative of tradition, sustainability, and thoughtful choices, CHUK and Pakka play a central role, leaving a lasting impact on those who value both tradition and environmental responsibility.

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