Wednesday, July 24, 2024

New Shop Partners with Chocoblast to Present  Innovative Chocolate Cones

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New Shop, a 24-hour convenience retail chain, has announced a new partnership with Chocoblast, a popular crunchy wafer cone filled with chocolate. Chocoblast is a product of Pure Temptation Pvt Ltd, a company known for its diverse range of chocolates and confectionery products.

Pure Temptation’s portfolio includes Choco Spread, which offers a variety of flavorful spreads, as well as wafer biscuits, instant drink mixes, and toppings & syrups.

The company has established a strong international presence, with its products available in the USA, Hong Kong, Oman, Venezuela, Nepal, and across the African continent.

This is not the first brand-retailer collaboration for New Shop. The retail chain  which has a many successful brand partnerships prior this partnership, including with Runaway and Continental Coffee, among others.

This collaboration between New Shop and Chocoblast is expected to enhance the convenience store’s product offerings, providing customers with more variety and quality choices. By partnering with a well-established brand like Chocoblast, New Shop continues to strengthen its position in the market, bringing popular and high-quality products to its customers. This strategic alliance is a testament to New Shop’s ongoing efforts to innovate and stay ahead in the competitive retail industry.

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