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Myprotein aims to support Indian athletes and aspiring olympians

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Myprotein, an online sports nutrition brand in India, has unveiled a robust plan aimed at supporting emerging talent in the country, particularly from non-mainstream sports and Tier II and Tier III cities. This initiative aligns with India’s future Olympic aspirations and the nation’s overall fitness trajectory.

With a focus on educating and transforming the perception of nutrition intake in India, Myprotein’s commitment to health and nutrition is in line with both Indian and global standards. The brand has earned successive certifications from reputable independent testers such as Labdoor & Informed Choice. Additionally, Myprotein has collaborated with Indian partners, maintaining FSSAI certification since 2004, ensuring the delivery of quality products. Furthermore, the brand aligns itself with ESSNA, a leading voice in the sports nutrition industry across Europe.

Addressing the prevalent protein deficiency and lack of awareness regarding nutritional needs in India, Myprotein continually tailors its products to suit the diverse tastes and preferences of the Indian audience. Their offerings include protein-rich alternatives like IMPACT Whey Protein Kulfi, Thandai, Keventers Range, and Nimbu Pani protein powders. Moreover, the brand emphasizes educational initiatives to debunk myths surrounding sports nutrition and underscore the tailored benefits of its products for various athletic pursuits.

A key aspect of Myprotein’s strategy is its focus on supporting athletes from non-mainstream sports and underrepresented communities. The brand seeks to expand its roster to include talents from diverse sporting disciplines such as taekwondo, running, and weightlifting. With athletes like Prachi Choudhary, Niharika Vaishist, Latika Bhandari, Ankita Bali, Vikas Dahiya, and Nikhil Poojary already onboard, Myprotein aims to foster fringe sports that are witnessing peaks in interest and investment.

Speaking about the brand’s vision, Sudeshna Saha, Regional Manager India, Myprotein, said “We are committed to nurturing talent at all levels, from U-19 players to international competitors, and from metros to Tier II-III cities. Our partnerships with athletes like Jayesh Rane, Neha Goyal, and Afreen Hyder, along with collaborations with institutions like the Inspire Institute of Sports, underscore our dedication to fostering a thriving sporting ecosystem in India.”

Myprotein’s sales distribution network is available across both metro and non-metro regions of India. Moreover, with a global footprint spanning over 70 countries, the brand is catering to a thriving community of over 20 million loyal customers. Notably, Myprotein has made a significant stride with its Impact Whey Protein achieving a remarkable sales milestone surpassing 2.4 million units.

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