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Brand Profile: Little Italy brings Italian flavor to the Indian market

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Little Italy, a renowned Italian cuisine food service outlet, has been present for over three decades in the Indian market since 1989. With over 100 outlets, 37 locations, and 16 cities spanning over 3 countries, Little Italy is one of the leading restaurant brands that explores new and unique cuisines and introduces them to Indian customers. 

Little Italy offers a delicious menu of pizzas, pasta, and much more, and is known for its authentic Italian cuisine. As a brand, Little Italy continues to expand its reach and bring new flavors to diners across the globe.

Brand’s Journey So Far

Back in 1989, when Italian cuisine was a novel concept in India, Raj Mehta, a young visionary, saw a gap in the market and brought the flavors of Italy to the Indian market. This culinary adventure marked the birth of ‘Little Italy’ in India, where traditional Italian recipes were crafted, introducing Indians to a world of delectable pizzas, pasta, and risotto.

Little Italy established a remarkable presence in over 37 locations across major cities like Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Jaipur, and Delhi. The brand’s culinary excellence and warm hospitality made it a go-to destination for Italian food enthusiasts across India.

Brand’s USP

Little Italy stands out for its authentic Italian cuisine in India. The brand produces all its pasta, cheese, sauces, and breads at its in-house factory, maintaining its quality and affordability. It brings a flavorful dining experience combined with outstanding hospitality.

Innovative culinary experience

The brand focuses on its approach to continuously creating new dining experiences for its patrons. The food service brand offers an extensive menu comprising classic dishes and innovative contemporary dishes with regional specialties. Additionally, Little Italy also provides a vegan and guilt-free menu for their health-conscious diners, ensuring a memorable dining experience for our customers. 

New Initiatives

The brand has introduced two new delivery brands- Piazza and Tutto Benne. Piazza, the superfast Italian brand, is dedicated to delivering gourmet Italian food in a quick, cost-effective, and convenient way. The brand utilizes fresh and high-quality ingredients and specializes in the Roman style of pizza known as Pinsa Romana. Piazza offers pizza by the slice to its patrons and they have the option to customize their pizzas by selecting their preferred toppings. Piazza currently serves in 15+ locations across 6 cities.

Tutto Bene blends health-conscious dining with indulgence, offering a diverse menu that includes vegan, gluten-free, and keto options alongside a variety of specialty coffees and decadent desserts. Tutto Bene caters to all palates seeking a nutritious and indulgent meal. The brand currently serves in Bengaluru, Pune, Udaipur, and Chennai.

Entering into FMCG 

Little Italy introduced Acasa, its gourmet grocery FMCG vertical, aimed at providing Indian consumers with easily accessible, and  high-quality gourmet products for cooking gourmet meals at home. 

The brand curates a range of ingredients, sauces, and condiments, elevating home-cooked meals to gourmet standards. To support Acasa, Little Italy established a state-of-the-art factory ensuring that its gourmet offerings are readily available in all the stores pan-India.

Future Plans

Little Italy envisions a dual strategy for the future:

Firstly, it intends to continuously innovate its menu by introducing exciting new offerings that remain true to its Italian heritage while expanding a broader customer base. The expansion plan involves extending its presence to various cities across the country and overseas in the UAE and UK. 

Secondly, they have introduced several brands under the Little Italy umbrella, catering to various market segments such as QSR, cafes, and FMCG. They aim to grow these brands simultaneously.

Conclusion Over the past 35 years, Little Italy has been committed to authenticity, quality, and innovation to achieve Italian culinary excellence. The brand takes its customers to the heart of Italy with every bite, making it the top choice for Italian food enthusiasts.

Retailer/ Brand Name: Little Italy
Parent Company: Little Italy Express Foods Private Limited
Company Headquarters: Pune
Launch Year: 1989
Key Executive: Amrut Mehta
Retail Format: QSR

Target Customer Base: Affluent families, Higher middle-class households, Millennial and Genz, and Working professionals in metros.
Unique Offerings By Acasa: Fresh Pasta range, Signature Sauces, Truffle products, and Artisan cheeses
Options for Take-out, Delivery, or Catering Services: All are available

Retail Outlets currently: 75 outlets
Average Sales per Day/Week/Month: 30L
Employee Base: 50-100 employees


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