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Brand Profile: Ghoomar, the vibrancy of Rajasthani culture on a plate

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Ghoomar transports its patrons on a gastronomic voyage, transcending geographical confines and submerging them in the royal traditions of Rajasthan. Their dedication to excellence, hospitality, and utilization of premium ingredients has cultivated a steadfast clientele that frequents their outlets time and again.

About the Brand

Established in 2019 by Santosh Tyagi, Ghoomar Traditional Thali Restaurants emerged as a foodservice outlet known for the culinary legacy of Rajasthan. Rooted in a relentless pursuit of excellence, the brand remains steadfast in its mission to offer an authentic Rajasthani dining experience. Starting humbly with an inaugural outlet in Connaught Place, Delhi, Ghoomar has rapidly expanded to 15 outlets across India. With each new establishment, they have garnered unwavering affection and support from their clientele, solidifying their status as one of the leading restaurant in Rajasthani cuisine.

Brand’s USP

The brand’s USP lies in its dedication to preserving and celebrating the traditional flavors of Rajasthan. The core strength lies in the authenticity of their cuisine, crafted by skilled culinary chefs who have mastered the art of preparing Rajasthani delicacies. Ghoomar takes pride in its unlimited thali concept that encompasses an array of delectable dishes, ensuring a wholesome dining experience.

Value Proposition

Ghoomar’s value proposition revolves around offering a unique blend of flavors, aromas, and the vibrancy of Rajasthani culture. The brand aims to take their customers on a culinary journey, transcending geographical boundaries and immersing them in the royal traditions of Rajasthan. Their commitment to quality, warm hospitality, and the use of the finest ingredients have earned them loyal customer base that continually returns for their signature Rajasthani thali.

Future Plans

Looking ahead, Ghoomar envisions further expansion and setting new benchmarks in the food retail industry. A significant part of this vision is the introduction of Ghoomar Village, an innovative dining concept that merges the culinary and cultural richness of Rajasthan.

Launched recently at Pacific Mall, NSP, Pitampura, Delhi, Ghoomar Village offers an expansive 6,500 sq. ft. space where guests can enjoy Rajasthani delicacies along with a plethora of entertainment options, including Kalbeliya Dance performances, Puppet shows, Magic shows, and more, all under one roof. This concept aims to provide a complete entertainment experience, blending traditional charm with modern comfort, thus enhancing the overall dining experience.

Ghoomar is poised to be a destination for families and friends to create cherished memories, while enjoying the essence of Rajasthan.


Name of the Foodservice/ Brands:  Ghoomar Traditional Thali Restaurants

Parent Company: Indian Cuisine Crafts

Company Headquarters: K-43, Connaught Place, Delhi – 110001

Launch Year: 2019

Key Executives: Santosh Tyagi

Retail Format: Foodservice outlets


Target Customer Base: Families

Signature Dishes/Cuisines: Unlimited Rajasthani Thali

Technology in use: PetPooja

Options: Take-out, Delivery and Catering Services 


Retail Outlets: 15 outlets

Average Sales per Month: 30 lakh per month

Number of Employees: 800+ employees

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