Friday, June 14, 2024

Tattva Bar & Cafe Opens in Mumbai’s Andheri

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Tattva Bar & Cafe has opened in Mumbai’s Andheri with the promise of introducing a dining experience that seamlessly integrates gastronomy, mixology, and ambiance to create a transformative journey for patrons. Embracing the elemental forces of earth, wind, water, fire, and space, Tattva aims to create an unparalleled culinary and sensory adventure.

This visionary establishment is the collaborative effort of five distinguished experts: Akanksha Saigal, Nishant Desai, Prajakta Jain, Shraddha Nayak, and Varun Sudhakar. Each luminary has contributed their expertise to shape Tattva into a captivating and transformative space.

Under the culinary direction of Chef Akanksha Saigal, Tattva’s menu offers an array of tantalizing dishes. From crispy zucchini fries and succulent chicken croquettes to Basil Chicken Tikka and Truffle Edamame Hummus, each offering promises a culinary revelation. The menu extends to large plates featuring Chicken Smoked with Rosemary, Cottage Cheese Steak, and Prawn Curry, alongside artisanal clay oven pizzas and pastas. Chef Prajakta Jain’s dessert creations, inspired by human sins, offer a sinful indulgence with options like Mirror Mirror (Pride) and One Night Stand (Lust).

Complementing the culinary offerings is an innovative cocktail menu crafted by Varun Sudhakar of Bar Bundle. Drawing inspiration from nature’s elements, each cocktail is a masterpiece, from the fiery allure of the Phoenix to the refreshing notes of Fluid. Non-alcoholic alternatives such as Pop, Kokum, and Neon provide a refreshing choice for guests.

Designed by Nishant Desai and styled by Shraddha Nayak, Tattva’s ambiance harmoniously blends life’s elements amidst rhythmic beats. A striking art piece depicting the phases of the moon adds an ethereal touch to the space.

As Tattva opens its doors, it transcends being a mere dining destination, evolving into a sanctuary where life’s essence is celebrated in every moment, morsel, and sip.

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