South Korea’s GOPIZZA to revolutionize pizza outlets with container model debut


Popular South Korean HQ Pizza brand, GOPIZZA, has announced its first container-model outlet in Bengaluru, located at LITBOX, Whitefield. The model is a novel approach to efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable expansion for the company.

The new outlet, housed within a compact 150 sq ft container, signifies a strategic move by GOPIZZA to maximize space efficiency while preserving the comforting and rustic atmosphere that pizza enthusiasts love. “The decision to embrace the container model was more of trying to take GOPIZZA back to its roots rather than attempt something new,” said Mahesh Reddy, CEO, GOPIZZA India. 

“GOPIZZA first began as a food truck in the streets of Seoul, South Korea, so this container model presents the same versatile business setup, ranging from 50 sq ft to 1000 sq ft. It also aids as a cost-effective approach to strategically combat the rising real estate prices and space constraints in tier 1 cities. As GOPIZZA aims to reach its 100-outlet mark by the end of 2024, container models will play a pivotal role in achieving this milestone on time,” he added.

The space-optimized, economical and minimalistic approach of a container outlet allows GOPIZZA to explore various locations and experiment with untapped, revenue-generating areas, giving this model an edge over brick and mortar stores. In addition, container outlets significantly reduce the initial store setup costs, the capital expenditure, as well as streamline the setup process. The rapid setup of the container outlet, taking only 3-5 days, is a remarkable improvement compared to the 2-3 months typically required for traditional brick-and-mortar outlets.

The numerous benefits like a low CAPEX, lesser rents, and better operational efficiency is what prompted GOPIZZA to add container outlets to its existing verticals to help fuel its expansion. With the estimated success of container models, the brand’s expansion plans include focusing 10%-15% of its strategy on container outlets, with a targeted time frame of 1 year to establish its presence in 15 cities across India. 

In terms of longevity, the container model boasts a life expectancy of around 10 years, ensuring sustained operational integrity that aligns with GOPIZZA’s commitment to sustainable growth.