Friday, June 14, 2024

Samosa Singh Embarks on Strategic Expansion with New ‘Ready to Cook’ Range

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Samosa Singh, a renowned name in authentic Indian snacks, officially announces its latest innovation, “Ready-to-Cook” samosas packs, aiming to broaden the reach of India’s cherished snacks globally. Along with traditional samosas and Indian street snacks, Samosa Singh will now offer an exciting Ready-to-Cook range of Guilt-Free Samosas.

These samosas from Samosa Singh feature a unique encrusted design that was developed after multiple man-hours of rigorous research and development, resulting in a delicious combination of pleasure and minimal fat—up to 50% less. Samosa Singh offers over 20 delicious flavors including paneer tikka samosa, soya keema samosa, cheese and corn samosa, onion kachori, punjabi aloo samosa, and more.

Transforming the iconic samosa into a guilt-free delight, this new offering from Samosa Singh redefines snacking by blending authentic flavors with health-conscious choices. The Guilt-Free Range promises ZERO cholesterol, ZERO trans fat, and no preservatives or additives, making it an excellent option for health-conscious consumers.

The ready-to-cook samosas offer a variety of cooking methods—baked, deep-fried, or air-fried—curated so that consumers can enjoy these exquisite treats according to their tastes.

Shikhar Veer Singh, Founder, Samosa Singh says, “We are excited to extend our product portfolio with the launch of ready-to-cook samosas, now available for a global audience. With over 100,000 hours dedicated to research and development, we are delighted to provide guilt-free enjoyment that flawlessly blends traditional flavors with a modern twist. Samosa Singh is taking the experience of India’s famous samosas to new and larger heights”.

“We have entered this space with the intention to provide healthier yet indulgent alternatives, revolutionizing the way people view cooking snacks. Recognizing the broad demand for ready-to-cook products in India and around the world, our mission is to redefine efficiency and inspire more people to cook at home daily. Our varied selection includes alternatives for baking, deep-frying, and air frying, appealing to various tastes. With this unique range, we hope to make meal preparation a seamless and joyful experience for our consumers” added, Nidhi Singh, Co-Founder of Samosa Singh.

About Samosa Singh:-

Samosa Singh family set out to reclaim the rightful place of the samosa in the story of Indian snacks. Rebranded for the modern age, Samosa Singh (WoknStove Foodworks Pvt. Ltd.) adopted the Samosa, investing almost 100,000 plus man-hours of R&D to give it a unique triangle interlocking shape, making it less oily and lighter. A gourmet avatar with proprietary technology allows it to stay crispy for a longer duration. The rebirth of the samosa as Samosa Singh is a story of innovation, aspiration, and finally, of the love for legacy. It is the perfect marriage between great business acumen and the myriad regional sensibilities of this nation, all wrapped up in the simple folds of a samosa.

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