Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Paul and Mike supports cocoa community amid rising prices

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Amidst the challenges in the cocoa industry, Paul and Mike have maintained a strategic focus on sourcing a significant portion of cocoa from their farms in Kochi and Coimbatore. Despite navigating rising input costs, they leverage modern agricultural techniques such as precision irrigation, pest management, and innovative farming practices to ensure the quality and sustainability of their cocoa supply chain.

In a display of solidarity and community ethos, Paul and Mike support small artisanal chocolate makers and home bakers grappling with the cocoa crisis. The company plans to offer limited quantities of cocoa beans and baking chocolate at previous rates, thereby ensuring the sustained production of these small-scale enterprises.

This initiative highlights Paul and Mike’s dedication to fostering collaboration and resilience within the cocoa community. Founder Vikas Temani, anticipating these challenges in 2016, had done extensive research across Latin America and India, laying the groundwork for the brand’s strategic response. The company demonstrated proactive planning by prioritizing sustainable cocoa tree planting in Kochi and Coimbatore for three years before launching its chocolate brand in 2019.

As the brand navigates the current cocoa challenge, Paul and Mike remain steadfast in their mission to deliver premium-quality chocolate products while emphasizing sustainability and community resilience.

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