Friday, June 14, 2024

Paradise files FIR against an Instagram channel for fake video

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Paradise Food Court has lodged an FIR at Begumpet Police against an Instagram channel that has uploaded a fake video displaying issues in Paradise Haleem, to defame the food chain.

The Instagram channel with the handle ‘telanganacrimefiles2023’ has been sharing a fake defamatory video on Paradise on the said Instagram account and other multiple WhatsApp groups. According to Paradise, the video was not taken by the said Instagram Channel, nor did they visit their outlet at that time. Paradise also believes the uploaded video is intended to harm the reputation of Paradise and to gain undue publicity from the same.

Paradise has also complained that the perpetrators are extorting them and seeking monetary benefits to remove the video.

Talking about the concocted video, Gautam Gupta, CEO, Paradise Food Court Pvt. Ltd., said, “We have taken the matter seriously and raised a complaint with the police as we have various evidence that the video is manipulated and has been made up to defame the brand. It is astonishing that one can go to such lengths out of total malice, but we are sure the authorities will tackle this situation and resolve it rightfully.”

He further added that “Dissemination of such defamatory content not only harms our brand but also undermines the hard work and dedication of our employees who strive tirelessly to deliver an exceptional experience to our patrons. It also breaks the trust customers have in restaurants in general. Paradise, along with industry leaders, condemns such practices and calls upon the people to exercise discretion when engaging with content online.”

Paradise has sought justice and hopes that due action is taken against the individuals responsible for creating and sharing the defamatory video.

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