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Otipy’s ‘Annapoorna’ Campaign Spotlights Women’s Contributions to Agriculture

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On International Women’s Day, agritech start-up Otipy is highlighting gender inequality within the industry. Through a powerful video campaign called ‘Annapoorna’, Otipy highlights the indispensable contributions of women to agriculture, particularly amidst the backdrop of increasing urban migration among men.

As urbanization continues to draw men away from rural areas, women are stepping into vital roles within agriculture. They are cultivating crops, laboring on farms, and participating in related sectors such as animal husbandry, gardening, and post-harvest processing. These diverse contributions highlight the crucial role that women play in sustaining agricultural communities and economies.

Otipy’s ‘Annapoorna’ video campaign emphasizes that ending poverty necessitates the eradication of gender discrimination. It highlights how gender inequality deprives women of their rights and opportunities, perpetuating cycles of poverty. This cycle entraps women in a state of economic disadvantage, underscoring the urgency of dismantling gender-based biases and promoting equality.

Varun Khurana, Founder & CEO, Otipy, underscores the organization’s commitment to empowering women in agriculture. “At Otipy, we believe in the transformative power of empowering women in agriculture. The resilience, skills, and dedication that women bring to the sector are unparalleled. Through our campaign ‘Annapoorna’, we aim to reinforce the urgent need to dismantle gender-based discrimination, recognizing that true progress in ending poverty requires the full and equal participation of women in every facet of agricultural development.”

In line with its mission, Otipy has announced plans to conduct monthly training sessions for women farmers. These sessions, facilitated by teams from various stratas of life at Otipy, will cover essential practical skills like internet navigation, creating safe finance management, using smartphones, watching out for underlying ailments, hygiene practices, among others. Additionally, Otipy is also trying to address societal taboos surrounding issues like menstrual hygiene and periods, ensuring that women can engage fully in agricultural activities without encountering discrimination or barriers.

Through these initiatives, Otipy is laying the groundwork for a more inclusive and sustainable future for women farmers.

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