Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Otipy empowers farmers with their Farmer’s Acceleration Programme

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Otipy is empowering farmers across India with its Farmer’s Acceleration Program, named #OTIPY FARMERS TO FAM,  as per the company’s LinkedIn post.

The program is in line with their business model where Otipy provides farm-fresh products to its customers that are directly sourced from farms to their households in just 12 hours with the help of their network of over 20,000 farmers.

Central to this program is Otipy’s team of in-house experts, who share knowledge, insights, and resources to optimize the journey of the farmers from land to farm. This includes sharing consumer preferences, and market trends, and empowering farmers to cultivate crops that resonate with the consumers’ demand.

Moreover, Otipy provides farmers with access to agricultural technologies and techniques, fostering growth and efficiency on the farm. Through these initiatives, farmers can not only maximize yields but also uphold the freshness and quality of their produce.

This initiative presents a win-win scenario for both farmers and the company as the farmers could produce higher yields that are aligned with consumer preferences and the company can readily provide farm fresh products to the customer’s doorstep.

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