Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Orion India Announces Palak Tiwari as Brand Ambassador for Turtle Chips

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Orion India, a leading South Korean snack company, proudly announces Bollywood actor Palak Tiwari as the brand ambassador for their salty product line, Turtle Chips in India. The popular Korean snack Turtle Chips is known for its 4X crunch because of its unique 4-layer shape, which resembles the shell of a tortoise.  

Palak Tiwari, as the face of the brand, takes center stage in their newest commercial, showcasing the Spicy Devil Flavour of Turtle Chips. Palak’s bold and playful persona effortlessly aligns with the crunch and intense flavor of Turtle Chips, making her the ideal choice to represent the brand.

The Spicy Devil flavor, in particular, is a favorite in the Indian market that sets taste buds on fire with an explosion of tantalizing flavors, leaving everyone craving more. In fact, in the commercial conceptualised by Orion India Marketing Team, Palak can be seen transforming into a devil upon consuming the Spicy Devil flavor of Turtle Chips, depicting the irresistible and intense taste experience that sets this variant apart. As she indulges in the tantalizing crunch of the chips, the playful transformation adds a captivating visual element to convey the fiery and bold nature of the Spicy Devil flavor.

Saurabh Saith, CEO, Orion India, expressed his excitement about the partnership, saying, “In recent years, there has been a notable shift in consumer preferences towards differentiated flavours, international tastes, as well as spicy flavours within the snacking category. The younger demographic in India has developed a strong affinity for bolder options, prompting brands across various categories to adapt to this changing taste preference. Within our Turtle Chips lineup, the Spicy Devil variant has successfully introduced the distinctive Korean spicy taste to the Indian chips market, garnering a considerable and dedicated fan base. The same goes true for the Mexican Lime flavour, a very distinct and international flavour. Not to mention the product itself is a propriety of Orion where we give distinct 4 layered corn-based snacking options with a great crunch to the consumers.

As we aim to expand our market presence, very happy to share the appointment of Palak Tiwari as our brand ambassador; it’s a strategic move to enhance awareness, especially among the dynamic Indian youth. Palak’s infectious personality, coupled with her playful wit and charm, perfectly embodies the essence of Turtle Chips and in particular Spicy Devil flavour – offering a spicy twist to the everyday snacking experience. With this collaboration, we are confident in elevating our brand visibility and reaching new heights in engaging with our target audience largely sitting in GenA, GenZ and to some extent Millennials.”

Sharing her enthusiasm for the collaboration, Palak Tiwari remarked, “I am thrilled to be associated with Orion’s Turtle Chips. Filming the commercial for its popular Spicy Devil flavour Turtle Chips was an absolute blast. The energy and fun we had on set are clearly evident in the commercial, effectively conveying the brand attributes of being cheerful and quirky.

Raje Suneet Jain, Senior Category Marketing Lead, Orion India, added, “As part of this partnership, we aim to dial up brand awareness of Turtle Chips, our 4 layered patent snacks in India. Palak’s incredible on-screen presence, playful personality, and relatability among the youth complement the vibrant and intense nature of the brand. We look forward to captivating our consumers with our latest campaign that spotlights the spicy & crunchy nature of our Chips.

Introduced by Orion, Turtle chips offer a 4X crunch, providing a distinctive snacking experience, and are available in five vegetarian flavors: Spicy Devil, Masala, Sour Cream and Onion, Mexican Lime, and Tangy Tomato. The campaign rolled on January 23, 2024, across multimedia platforms with digital film, print, radio, outdoor, and across key markets in India.

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