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New Study Reveals Majority Of Indians Prioritize Nutrition Over Taste

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Wonderful Pistachios, a global producer of pistachios and the distributor of California Pistachios in India, recently released findings on the snacking habits of urban Indians. The study, conducted by Material, a global research consultancy, included over 12,400 respondents from 10 countries. It revealed a significant behavioral trend: urban Indian consumers now prioritize nutrition over taste when it comes to snacking, highlighting an increasing focus on good nutrition and overall well-being.

Specifically for the Indian market, the study examined the snacking habits of 2,415 shoppers across six major cities, representing a population of approximately 35.9 million consumers. A notable 58% of urban Indians reported that they base their food purchasing decisions more on nutritional benefits than on taste, surpassing the global average of 52%.

Delhi and Ahmedabad lead this trend, with over 60% of urban shoppers prioritizing nutritional value in their food. Bengaluru and Chennai follow closely, indicating a nationwide shift towards smarter snacking preferences. This trend is especially prominent among Millennials and Gen Z, with more than 83% of consumers in these age groups reading nutritional labels before purchasing.

Indian consumers prioritize four key factors when shopping for nutritional snacks: natural ingredients (free of artificial colors and preservatives), heart-healthiness, high protein content, and energy provision. Additionally, nine out of ten urban shoppers consciously seek protein-rich food options, compared to the global average of seven out of ten.

This focus on nutrition has boosted the popularity of nuts as a preferred snack choice. Shail Pancholi, Country Director, India, Wonderful Pistachios, commented on this shift, noting, “Nuts were traditionally used as garnishes and consumed during festivals, but have now become a popular snack in India, indicating a notable change in dietary habits.”

The study found that nuts are the second most preferred snack among urban Indian consumers, with 64% of Baby Boomers and 59% of Gen Z prioritizing them. Additionally, 69% of urban Indians believe that plant-based protein is as good as meat-based protein, reflecting a positive shift towards diverse dietary preferences.

The Wonderful Pistachios study unveils a significant shift in Indian snacking habits. This trend spans generations, resonating with both Gen Z and Baby Boomers, and underscores the growing importance of mindful eating in urban India. As consumers increasingly seek natural, heart-healthy, protein-rich, and energy-boosting snacks, the future of Indian snacking appears to be firmly rooted in nutrition and well-being.

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