Friday, June 14, 2024

Milky Mist Collaborates with Tata Motors for Sustainable Logistics Solutions 

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Milky Mist, a prominent manufacturer of value-added milk and dairy products based in South India, has partnered with Tata Motors to enhance the sustainability of its logistics operations. This collaboration is aimed at incorporating environmentally sustainable practices into Milky Mist’s distribution network by utilizing electric vehicles (EVs) for their product deliveries.

As part of this initiative, Milky Mist has inducted five electric vehicles into its logistics fleet for distributing products within city limits. These EVs are charged using the factory’s charging stations that are powered by Milky Mist’s solar farm. This integration highlights the company’s commitment to green energy and reducing its carbon footprint. Sathishkumar T., Founder and Managing Director, Milky Mist, announced plans on his LinkedIn handle to expand the use of EVs for secondary distribution across markets, eventually replacing the diesel vehicles currently in use. 

This partnership aligns with the broader strategy to promote electric mobility and sustainable transportation solutions. By integrating EVs into its logistics operations, Milky Mist not only enhances its operational sustainability but also pushes towards a cleaner, more sustainable transportation ecosystem in India.

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