Friday, June 14, 2024

McDonald’s India Introduces McSaver Meals with Focus on Affordable Dining

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McDonald’s India West and South, under the ownership and operation of Westlife Foodworld Ltd, announces the introduction of its latest offering, McSaver Meals. With prices commencing at Rs. 99 for patrons in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, and Chattisgarh, and Rs. 149 for those residing in other regions of West and South India, McSaver Meals epitomize a paradigm shift in the perception of value, by providing meals that afford exceptional value for money. The new McSaver Meals offers a wide range of choices, all bundled together at an affordable price.

To promote its latest offerings, McDonald’s India has launched advertising campaigns devised by DDB Mudra Group. One of the ad films is set within a McDonald’s establishment with the storyline unfolding around three would-be robbers whose attention shifts from their intended heist to the allure of McSaver Meals, attractively priced at just INR 99. As they indulge in the McAloo Tikki Regular Meals, the abrupt blare of approaching police sirens jolts them back to their original purpose. Sharing a knowing glance, they hastily retreat to their vehicle. The robbers make a successful getaway, even as the police cars halt in front of the McDonald’s store. When the officers rush inside the outlet, they are captivated by the McSaver Meals showcased on the menu.

The second advertisement unfolds within the backdrop of a corporate convention. This television commercial centers on Mr. Marshall, a distinguished European delegate, engaged in dialogue with a company manager and a young employee. Amidst their conversation, the young employee notices a loose thread on Mr. Marshall’s sweater and attempts to fix it. However, as Mr. Marshall departs, the thread unravels, transforming his attire into an unintended crop top and ensnaring those in his proximity. In a gesture of reconciliation, the young employee extends a McDonald’s meal to Mr. Marshall, who graciously accepts the gesture of goodwill. Together, they indulge in the McSaver Meals priced at an attractive Rs. 149.

Talking about the campaign, Arvind R.P., Chief Marketing Officer, McDonald’s India (W&S), said, ‘‘With our new ad campaign, we wanted to showcase the irresistible value of McSaver Meals and the moments of joy and connections that our valued customers can experience while enjoying these affordable meals. Through initiatives like McSaver Meals, we reaffirm that McDonald’s is the best value-for-money QSR destination for anyone, at any time of the day.”

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