Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Kisanserv  plans to open 250 new omni-channel retail stores in Pune and Mumbai

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Pune-based agritech firm Kisanserv has unveiled its expansion strategy, aiming to establish 250 new retail outlets across Pune and Mumbai within the next three years. This move marks a significant expansion, tripling its current presence and potentially reaching millions of new customers with high-quality fruits and vegetables at competitive rates through its omni-channel neighborhood stores.

Niranjan Sharma, Founder and CEO, Kisanserv, expressed his excitement about the expansion plans, emphasizing the company’s dual mission: to offer consumers affordable, high-quality produce while supporting local farmers by ensuring fair prices and direct sourcing.

With already 25 stores operating in Pune and Mumbai in just 15 months, this new expansion reflects Kisanserv’s confidence in its business model and the evident demand for its offerings in the market. Kisanserv boasts an impressive revenue per square feet of Rs 36,000 annually.

Transparency and sustainability are central to Kisanserv’s approach to the supply chain. The company establishes direct connections with over 10,000 farmers across Maharashtra, eliminating intermediaries to ensure fair compensation for farmers, often exceeding traditional rates and resulting in fresher produce at 15-25% lower prices for consumers. This approach not only benefits farmers but also strengthens local communities.

Kisanserv’s retail model has resonated with urban consumers seeking convenience and reliability. The company operates physical stores alongside the Kisanserv Express app, providing a seamless shopping experience with prompt home delivery within 30 minutes, and free of charge. Their tagline, “Shop mein aao, ya ghar baithe order karo,” encapsulates the convenience and flexibility that Kisanserv offers its customers.

Kisanserv’s journey from a technology-driven software developer to the retail market showcases innovation at its core. Moving forward, the company remains dedicated to upholding its reputation for excellence in product quality, affordability, and sustainability. These expansion plans are aligned with Kisanserv’s vision of fostering a sustainable and efficient urban retail ecosystem that benefits both consumers and farmers.

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