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Karanth’s Food: Using Fruits & Veggies to Craft Healthy Snacks

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Karanth’s Food employs innovative vacuum-cooking techniques to craft flavorful and nutritious chips from fruits and vegetables. With an expanding online presence and an increasing footprint in Southern India, the company is actively fostering a culture of health-conscious snacking, thereby spearheading a transition towards more wholesome dietary choices.

In a world where potato chips and sugary treats reign supreme, the notion of okra, or bhindi in popular parlance, as a snack may appear whimsical to the uninitiated. Likewise, the idea of creating delicious snacks from carrots and bitter gourd could easily be shrugged off as downright absurd. Yet, these bold and innovative undertakings  – unlocking the hidden potential of mundane fruits and vegetables and transforming them into tantalizing snack sensations – capture the essence of what Karanth’s Food is all about.

The company has made it possible for the often underestimated bhindi to undergo a remarkable transformation into a crispy, flavorful snack bursting with wholesome goodness. But the creativity and innovation doesn’t stop here. Carrots and bitter gourd, which most people don’t typically enjoy eating, have been thrust into the spotlight and having their moment. Karanth’s Food has revitalized these overlooked gems by making chips that excite the taste buds and provide good nutrition.

Their story is a tribute to the power of imagination, proving that even the most unlikely ingredients can be transformed into culinary delights. Made from farm-fresh fruits and vegetables, Karanth’s snacks under the “Fruit Treat” brand boast of being original, organic, and devoid of any artificial additives or preservatives.

Innovative snacks with local goodness and global flavors

Established in 2019, Karanth’s Food Private Limited is a young company based out of Sringeri in the Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. Focused on health, the company specializes in manufacturing vacuum-cooked snacks. Its popular brand Fruit Treat offers a variety of snack products with many different flavors: okra, jackfruit, carrot, bitter gourd, beetroot, sweet corn, garlic, banana, chickpeas, sweet potato, potato, and more.

Through vacuum-frying, Fruit Treat retains nutrients and colors without relying on preservatives, sugar, or artificial coloring. With reduced oil and gluten-free choices, its snacks cater to health-conscious consumers.

“Take our Okra chips, a prime example of our innovative approach turning a traditional vegetable into a flavorful snack. Similarly, our carrot and bitter gourd chips offer a healthy twist on conventional junk snacks,” says Bharadwaj Karanth, Managing Director and CEO. He adds: What sets us apart is our minimal 5% seasoning, enhancing taste without overpowering the natural flavors. This ensures consumers enjoy both taste and nutrition in every bite.”

Expanding horizons in healthy snacking

The brand enjoys a strong retail presence in Bengaluru, Karnataka, and Southern India, and is expanding its reach online to serve customers nationwide. “We will continue to strengthen our presence on leading online marketplaces like Amazon, and Jio Market, as well as online grocery platforms such as Bigbasket,” shares Bharadwaj.  Additionally, Karanth’s Food products are exported to Canada and the Netherlands.

In addition to its success in Southern India, Fruit Treat is also witnessing notable growth in Northern India. This expansion reflects a widening adoption of healthier snacking choices and consumers’ recognition of the nutritional value offered by snack options crafted from wholesome ingredients.

Karanth’s Food top retailers include major grocery chains like Reliance, Nature’s Basket, Namdhari’s, 24 Mantra Organic, Metro Cash and Carry, Nuts ‘n’ Spices, and The Organic World, among others.

Currently, the company is engaged in expanding its brand footprint across various trade channels, with a particular emphasis on online platforms, convenience stores, and specialty wellness outlets.

Retail success by driving evolution in snack preferences

The consumer feedback received by Karanth’s snacks show a strong resonance with the products among consumers. “Wherever we introduce our products, we receive overwhelmingly positive feedback. Even our more unconventional offerings, such as okra, carrot, and bitter gourd chips, have been embraced by both children and adults alike,” asserts Bharadwaj.

The favorable reception of Karanth’s Food products has reinforced the company’s dedication to innovation and its responsiveness to evolving consumer preferences. Currently, the brand is actively developing a varied range of new products aimed at captivating and satisfying discerning tastes. Among these, the newly introduced Beetroot Treat has received praise for its blend of healthfulness and deliciousness.

The company’s product development team is currently exploring innovative ways to transform conventional potato chips by employing a vacuum-frying technique. This approach offers a healthier alternative without compromising on flavor.

Concurrently, the team is working on introducing Green Pea Snacks with the aim to harness the inherent nutritional virtues of green peas in a tantalizing snack format. At the same time, the company has extended its product exploration to the utilization of Cluster Beans as a wholesome snack alternative. “Through ongoing research and development, we’re committed to leading the healthy snacking industry, providing wholesome options that promote well-being. Stay tuned as we expand our offerings and redefine the snacking experience,” says Bharadwaj.

Initiatives to expand market reach

The company is working to expand its distribution channels, both online and offline. That means forging new partnerships with retailers and online platforms to spread its products’ reach in markets like Delhi, Mumbai, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Kolkata.

To bolster its brand presence, the company favors customized advertising initiatives and robust interaction across various social media channels. By teaming up with influencers and backing events, like the recent alliance with the Kabbadi Team Tamil Thalaivas, the brand is fostering deeper connections with its audience. To support its future growth ambitions, Karanth’s Food plans to establish a second production facility near Sringeri, which will significantly increase its production capacity. This expansion will allow the company to meet the growing demand for its healthy chips and further solidify its position as a market leader.

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