Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Jubilant Foodworks Conducts Gender Sensitization Workshops for Employees

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Jubilant Foodworks, the parent company of renowned restaurant chains like Hong’s Kitchen and Dunkin’s, recently conducted a workshop on ‘Gender Sensitization’, as per the company’s LinkedIn post. The primary objective of this initiative was to cultivate awareness and foster understanding among staff regarding gender-related issues, stereotypes, biases, and sensitivities.

This workshop builds upon the foundation laid the previous year when the company had organized ‘Non-conscious’ Bias workshops specifically tailored for their People Managers. Now, it has taken this commitment a step further by extending the initiative to all employees, encouraging active participation, and urging teams to integrate ‘Diversity & Inclusion’ into their daily routines.

Through its proactive engagement through workshops and similar initiatives, Jubilant Foodworks underscores its commitment to fostering a workplace culture rooted in the principles of equality and respect.

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