Friday, June 14, 2024

India’s Basmati named ‘Best Rice in the World’ by TasteAtlas

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Basmati rice from India has been ranked the “Best Rice in the World” by TasteAtlas, a renowned food and travel guide. This recognition was bestowed as part of the year-end awards for 2023-24, as reported by NDTV Food.

The distinctive attributes of Indian Basmati rice that led to this prestigious accolade include its exquisite flavor and aroma, characterized by nutty, floral, and slightly spicy notes. Notably, when cooked, the grains retain their individuality and refrain from sticking together, allowing for an optimal coating of curry and similar stews and sauces on each grain.

In the global ranking, Basmati was closely followed by Arborio rice from Italy in the second position and Carolino Rice from Portugal in the third position. The other two varieties in the top rank were from Spain and Japan.

TasteAtlas also acknowledged the culinary excellence of India by designating Mango Lassi as the “Best Dairy Beverage in the World.” Furthermore, Indian eating establishments received notable recognition in TasteAtlas’s lists of the ‘100 Most Legendary Restaurants in the World’ and the ‘100 Most Iconic Dessert Places in the World,’ underscoring the country’s significant impact on the global culinary landscape.

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