Friday, June 14, 2024

Heritage Foods’ partners with SIG to innovate its beverage packaging

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Heritage Foods Limited, a leading player in the private dairy sector, has forged a strategic partnership with SIG to innovate its beverage packaging. By leveraging SIG’s cutting-edge aseptic carton packs and highly adaptable filling solutions, Heritage Foods aims to stay ahead of shifting consumer preferences.

The collaboration has seen the installation of an advanced SIG XSlim 12 Aseptic filling machine at Heritage Foods’ manufacturing unit in the Medchal−Malkajgiri district of Telangana. With an impressive capacity of 12,000 SIG XSlimBloc carton packs per hour, this state-of-the-art machine offers unparalleled flexibility. It can effortlessly accommodate nine different volume sizes, ranging from 80ml to 200ml, all on the same filling line. Remarkably, the machine can transition between volume sizes in under 15 minutes, ensuring swift adaptability to varying consumer demands.

This strategic investment empowers Heritage Foods to effectively cater to diverse consumer segments, capture different price points and enhance its market reach. The implementation of the new line from SIG will empower Heritage to introduce a diverse range of products that cater to various consumer taste preferences, ranging from sweet and indulgent milkshakes to refreshing spiced buttermilk. To drive growth, Heritage is concentrating on expanding its portfolio of value-added products, with beverages being a crucial segment.

Bhuvaneswari Nara, Vice-Chairperson & Managing Director of Heritage Foods, said that the company is committed to delivering joy and well-being to consumers through their products. She underscored the shared values of sustainability and convenience that Heritage Foods and SIG hold, highlighting the importance of their partnership.

Echoing this sentiment, Brahmani Nara, Executive Director of Heritage Foods, emphasized the critical role of innovation and distribution expansion in driving growth in the drinkables segment. She noted the transformative potential of the new SIG line, which enables Heritage Foods to offer a wider range of drinkables in various pack sizes, catering to diverse consumer preferences and price points.

The SIG XSlimBloc carton packs, used by Heritage Foods, are known for their sustainable composition, lightweight design, and recyclability. This aligns with Heritage Foods’ commitment to sustainability. The company plans to utilize SIG’s packaging solutions to fill a variety of beverages, including lassi, buttermilk, cold coffee, milkshakes, energy drinks, and UHT milk.

Abdelghany Eladib, President & General Manager IMEA at SIG, expressed optimism about the partnership’s potential to diversify the packaging landscape in India. He emphasized the mutual benefits for both companies, with Heritage Foods gaining flexibility to adapt to market demands and SIG expanding its presence in the Indian market.

Vandana Tandan, Head of Markets for India and Bangladesh at SIG, highlighted the strategic advantage that Heritage Foods gains from utilizing SIG’s advanced packaging solutions and flexible filling technology. She emphasized the company’s readiness to respond swiftly to evolving market needs and capitalize on the growing demand for on-the-go products in India.

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