Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Havmor Ice Cream Opens First Parlour in Nadiad, Gujarat

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Havmor, a part of LOTTE Wellfood Co. Ltd and one of India’s largest and most beloved ice cream brands, opened its first Ice Cream parlour- Havefunn, in Nadiad, Gujarat. With this, the total number of Havfunn ice cream parlours reaches 54 across Gujarat and 234 across India.

With the opening of its 54th Havfunn parlour in Gujarat, Havmor aims to reinforce its brand strength and the love it currently enjoys from consumers in Gujarat, enhancing its presence as the preferred ice cream destination in the region. Havfunn Parlours promises a warm and fun ambience, creating an ideal setting for memorable outings with family and friends. Offering a delectable experience with a tempting array of scoops, cakes, sundaes, and shakes, Havfunn is a go-to place for all ice cream enthusiasts in Nadiad. The newly opened parlour, with a spacious store size of 495 square feet, ensures ample seating and a comfortable environment for customers to savor their favourite treats in a relaxed setting.

The launch of Havfunn Parlour aligns with the brand’s ambitious growth plans for 2024 to open avenues for both consumers and potential franchisees. Havmor, with its delicious and creamy ice cream range, continues to solidify its status as a national brand, appealing to a broad spectrum of consumers across more than 21 states and union territories. The brand’s unique selling proposition lies in the exclusive use of 100% milk, contributing to the creamy and delectable foundation of its exceptional ice creams.

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