Friday, June 14, 2024

Greater Than Gin hits 1 million mark with record sales in FY 23-24

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In a market where discerning consumers now prioritize quality over quantity, Greater Than Gin has crossed a significant milestone: the sale of one million bottles in the financial year 2023-24.

From its humble beginnings as a craft gin maker in 2017 to its current status as popular staple in bars, restaurants, and homes alike, Greater Than Gin has distinguished itself with its carefully selected botanicals to its distillation and maturing processes. The company says that their success isn’t just about hitting a sales target — it’s a reflection of the evolving tastes of the Indian consumer. “The shift towards quality spirits is unmistakable, and the changing landscape in the bar industry reflects this trend. Bars, bartenders, and the drinks they curate have undergone significant upgrades, contributing to the growing demand for premium spirits.”

Additionally, there’s a noticeable improvement in home drinking, with consumers increasingly choosing better spirits for at-home consumption. Since its inception, Nao Spirits, the company behind Greater Than Gin, Hapusa Gin, and Pipa Rum has been committed to producing premium spirits that redefine the craft experience.

According to Anand VirmaniCEO and Cofounder, Nao Spirits, “When we came up with the idea to make Craft Gin in India, the premium Gin market itself was just above the 100,000 bottle mark. To have been able to take our brand to the 1 million mark then and helped grow the category itself by 50x is the stuff of dreams! Our small and very passionate team is full of thanks for all the love we have received from the bar community and Gin community as a whole. The future may hold new opportunities for growth and expansion but the core values of craftsmanship and quality will always remain at the heart of everything we do at Nao Spirits.”

Since 2020, Greater Than Gin has released one limited edition gin every year. The latest addition, Punk Gin, made with fresh strawberries and hibiscus, was unveiled in 2024 and is currently available in the regions of Goa, and Karnataka with availability soon expanding to Haryana. As of now, Greater Than Gin is available in 11 states and 3 union territories in India and 16 other countries across the globe.

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