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From Plates to Pages: Chowman’s Entrepreneurial Journey Spotlighted in IIM’s MBA Program

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In Kolkata, the local food brand Chowman has become a popular Chinese restaurant chain in the past 13 years. Chowman isn’t just a chain of restaurants; it exemplifies the business acumen of Debaditya Chaudhury, a first-generation entrepreneur from Kolkata. Beyond being known for its food, Chowman is widely recognized and has received numerous awards for its success in entrepreneurship.

Recently, Chowman has achieved a significant milestone – ascending to the status of a case study in the MBAEx program at the renowned Indian Institute of Management Calcutta. Spearheaded by Professor Saravana Jaikumar, a distinguished faculty member in the Marketing Group at IIM Calcutta, Chowman’s inclusion within the Digital and Social Media Elective course underscores the brand’s significance as a model for business success, attracting attention and admiration from students and academia nationwide.

The Chowman case study is an integral part of a specialized one-year elective course tailored for seasoned professionals, providing an in-depth exploration of the brand’s ascent and future trajectory. With a specific focus on social media and marketing, the curriculum strategically unfolds the story of Chowman’s journey.

Taking center stage during the 10 Case Method Workshop, the case study draws participation from a diverse cohort of working professionals and esteemed faculty members representing renowned business schools across India, including IIM Udaipur and Shillong, Shiv Nadar University, IIIT, Bharathidasan University, IIFT, and others. These institutions will contribute to the academic discourse surrounding Chowman’s business strategies.

Reflecting on this notable addition to the program, Debaditya Chaudhury, the Managing Director of Chowman and visionary behind iconic restaurants like Oudh 1590 and Chapter 2, shares insights into the significance of this academic milestone. “I hope that all the working professionals who will be taking this up will find our brand story interesting and take back with them something that is not just restricted to bookish knowledge. I am equally thankful to my team and Professor Saravana, who has put in tireless efforts for the last four months, working on this case study and penning down the journey of Chowman wonderfully.”

Since 2016, Professor Saravana Jaikumar, an esteemed figure in the Marketing Department at the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), has meticulously crafted this comprehensive case study. With seven years of expertise in academia and collaboration with a dedicated team, Professor Jaikumar brings a wealth of insights to the examination of Chowman’s multifaceted evolution.

This scholarly endeavor explores various facets of Chowman’s operations, encompassing its journey, delivery mechanisms, digital and social media marketing strategies, human resources, marketing and public relations initiatives, and the technological landscape, including key aspects of the Chowman App.

“It’s been a pleasure to delve into the compelling journey of Chowman. I chose Chowman as a case study because it stands as a testament to innovative entrepreneurial spirit, strategic growth, and the dynamic use of digital platforms in the evolving landscape of the culinary industry. Chowman’s story provides rich insights into the challenges and triumphs of building a brand that resonates deeply with customers. I’m excited for the students and readers to engage with and learn from Chowman’s inspiring journey,” says Prof. Jaikumar.

Conceived to bring authentic, traditional Chinese dishes to Bengali plates, Chowman has evolved into a culinary milestone encapsulating Chinese ethos, food, and culture. With 21 outlets in Kolkata, 6 in Bangalore, 4 in Delhi-NCR, and 2 in Hyderabad, Chowman’s expansion continues, promising more chapters in its remarkable journey.

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