Friday, June 14, 2024

Cloud Kitchen ‘Health & Beyond Nutrigo’ Introduces A Flavourful World Of Healthy Eating

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Health & Beyond Nutrigo, a health-forward cloud kitchen, is changing the way people perceive healthy food. The brand’s mission is  to make healthy food delicious by infusing familiar dishes with delightful flavours.

Their vision is to provide nutritious food that doesn’t compromise on taste. Health & Beyond Nutrigo offers a diverse range of healthy options, including steaks and gluten-free burgers. The menu boasts options like Teriyaki Steak, Lemon Herb Butter Steak, and Stroganoff Steak, available in both vegetarian and chicken variants. With base options such as beetroot, spinach, and ragi, their burger choices include the Summery Burger, Smoky Mushroom Burger, and Arabian Burger, among others. Additionally, their menu comprises wraps, gluten-free rolls, meals, salads, toasters, smoothies, energy bombers, and desserts, all in line with the brand’s vision.

Fatema Asif, Founder, Health & Beyond Nutrigo said,“Health & Beyond Nutrigo is all about having your most beloved and tastiest food without worrying  about your health or shape. Our goal is to spread positive vibes through our healthy food offerings that drives to serve our customers better everyday.”

Recognizing the modern consumer’s demand for convenience and health, Health & Beyond Nutrigo  adopts a dual approach to cater to culinary needs. Firstly, the brand provides a convenient everyday meal subscription service, tailored for busy professionals and health-conscious individuals. Secondly,  leveraging the expertise of in-house nutritionists, menus are  customized to align with individual health objectives. These subscription services are easily accessible through their website ( or via direct contact.

Moreover, the brand is also available on platforms like Swiggy and Zomato, or customers can order food directly by phone. The brand caters to clients within a 10km radius of its cloud kitchen in Byculla, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

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