Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Callebaut Launches ‘Born Original’ Campaign with Chef Vinesh Johny

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Callebaut, a Belgian chocolate brand established in 1911, has launched a new campaign—’Born Original’ campaign in Asia, featuring Chef Vinesh Johny as the region’s first Born Original Chef. This initiative celebrates visionary chefs worldwide who inspire others through their unique culinary journeys and originality.

The ‘Born Original’ concept emphasizes Callebaut’s commitment to supporting chefs who are true originals. The campaign highlights the brand’s understanding of the challenges faced by chefs and artisans, asserting that both are connected because they are ‘Born Original.’

The campaign showcases stories of several distinguished chefs, including Sebastian Pettersson, a pastry chef and chocolatier in Sweden; Anaïs Gaudemer, a floral pastry chef in Brussels; Nicolas Nikolakopoulos, a pastry chef and dessert designer in Greece; and Lungi Mhlanga, a bakery chef in London.

Emphasizing the significance of supporting chefs in their creative endeavours, Dhruva Jyoti Sanyal, Managing Director, Barry Callebaut Cocoa and Chocolate Ingredients, India, said, ‘‘Every artisan and chef strives to differentiate themselves and create delights that excite customers. However, they face numerous challenges, such as changing consumer behaviors, market fluctuations, and intense competition. By collaborating with Chef Vinesh Johny, we feel the message will be delivered to our end consumers and create an impact correctly. As chocolate rises in India and the region emerges as the future of chocolate, we stand by our chefs as a steadfast partner, providing the original chocolate they can count on to pursue their passion.’’

Chef Vinesh’s story is  live digitally on the Callebaut global and India channels. The series emphasize on his major role in revolutionizing the Indian pastry landscape and bringing local talent to the global stage.

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