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Brand Profile: The Baker’s Dozen: One-stop solution for all bakery needs

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From an establishment of a 1000 sq. ft. kitchen in Mumbai, and a standalone store in Prabhadevi, to expanding its presence to 1500 touch points across more than 35 cities, TBD’s vision for growth is exceptional in the bakery world. They have made artisan, handmade bakery products accessible pan India, and focus on fulfilling all the bakery needs of its consumers.

About the Brand

The Baker’s Dozen’s journey commenced with a 1000 sq. ft. kitchen in Mumbai and with the launch of its inaugural standalone store in the south Mumbai locality, Prabhadevi. In a short period, the brand expanded to 7 more standalone stores across Mumbai with a strategic shift to a 5000 sq. ft. kitchen in Navi Mumbai. Once the foundation was laid in Mumbai, it began to expand into other cities like Pune, Ahmadabad, and Bangalore, embracing modern trade retail format and strategic partnerships. The brand currently has 36 outlets in India. 

In addition to it, the brand has solidified its partnerships with retail entities like Nature’s Basket and e-commerce platforms including Swiggy, Zomato, Instamart, Big Basket, MilkBasket, and SuprDaily. These endeavors are a testament to their expansion approach. 

With a clear vision for growth, TBD is on the trajectory to be available at more than 1500 touch points across 35+ cities, encompassing a blend of walk-in stores, delivery-only points, e-commerce & quick commerce. 

Brand’s USP and Product Innovations

The brand was among the first few artisan bakeries that introduced Sourdough in India. It is among the first few brands that make artisan handmade products at scalable quantities and are present across many cities in India. The brand has continuously introduced marketing activities to spread awareness for Sourdough and the other artisan bread served at TBD.

Apart from bread, the brand also offers a wide assortment of cookies, cakes, crackers, and pre-mixes which bring volume to their business and help meet the bakery needs of its consumers at one stop. They have also innovated one-of-a-kind 100% whole-wheat sponge cakes. On the 13th of every month, the brand introduces new products for its customers which gives them an element of surprise and uniqueness as compared to the other bakery brands. 

Focus on Technology

The Bakers Dozen inaugurated a cutting-edge 25,000 sq. ft. factory near Ahmedabad, with innovative German technology, that significantly extends the shelf life of their bread and sponge cakes. Moreover, the brand has made gourmet bakery products accessible pan India with the help of their unique ‘FreshLock packaging technology’ that enhanced the shelf life of their bakery items. 

Future Plans

The brand envisions a fourfold growth within the next 18-24 months. Their objective is to establish more than 100 proprietary stores and foster 2000+ retail touch points throughout India. The brand’s primary focus involves solidifying its consumer base in Tier-I & Tier-II cities, while also penetrating global markets, starting with Dubai and Singapore. 

The strategic approach also encompasses a twofold increase in marketing expenditure, combining traditional platforms like billboards with contemporary channels like influencers and AR-based digital marketing. Concurrently, the brand is directing its efforts towards point-of-sale strategies through retail merchandise and enticing offers on e-commerce platforms. 

In terms of innovation, their new product development will prioritize taste, convenience, authenticity, and nutritional excellence. 

From an operational and marketing perspective, TBD is dedicated to intensifying brand recognition, and reinforcing its marketing and distribution endeavors, both online and offline, across diverse regions.


Name of the Foodservice/ Brands: The Baker’s Dozen 

Parent Company: Mimansa Industries Private Limited 

Company Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gujarat 

Launch Year: 2013 

Key Executives: Sneh Jain, Co-founder & Managing Director; and Aditi Handa, Co-founder & Head Chef

Retail Format: Physical and dark stores 


Target Customer Base: Working professionals, kids, mothers, and urban families

Signature Dishes/Cuisines: Dark Chocolate cookies, Nankhatai cookies, Fourgrain Sourdough, Country Sourdough, Rich Chocolate Cake, Banana Bread, Fresh Orange cake, Banana Walnut cake, Lavash, Ragi crackers, Jeera Rusk and Butter Garlic Toast.

Technology in use: RISTA

Options for Take-out, Delivery, or Catering Services: The delivery service is available for subscription orders and call orders through third-party delivery companies like- Porter, Dunzo, etc. Take-out is also available at our physical brand stores.


Retail Outlets Currently: 36 outlets

Average Sales per Day/Week/Month:  Approx. 3.5 crore per month

Number of Employees: 350+ employees

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