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Brand Profile: Paradise Biryani: The flag bearers of authentic Hyderabadi biryani

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From a small canteen and café functioning out of a cinema theatre in Secunderabad to 80 outlets in the country, Paradise has adapted to the changing social trends, giving its customers delicious and specially curated biryanis. 

The brand has adeptly embraced shifting social trends, consistently offering its patrons delectable and meticulously curated biryanis, prepared through the authentic DUM cooking process. This traditional method involves slow-cooking the biryani in a sealed pot, allowing the flavors to intermingle and intensify. The result is a rich and aromatic dish that captures the essence of the ingredients in every bite. 

By adhering to this time-honored technique, Paradise ensures that each biryani served to its customers maintains the authenticity and quality that has become synonymous with the brand.

Paradise Biryani goes beyond mere culinary offerings providing a culinary experience that transcends the ordinary. The brand’s dedication to excellence in both adapting to contemporary tastes and preserving the authenticity of its cooking methods contributes to its enduring popularity and the widespread acclaim of its biryanis.

Brand’s Journey So Far

Back in 1953, a small canteen and café operated out of a cinema theatre called Paradise in Secunderabad. The Café continued its services even when the theatre shut down. Between 1978 and 1996, the restaurant underwent a comprehensive restructuring, renovation, and modernization initiative to enhance its facilities and overall appeal. The brand caters to the social trends and evolving food habits of the people. Today, the brand has expanded to multiple locations in India-80 outlets, including branches in major cities like Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore.

Paradise excels in the craft of preparing authentic Hyderabadi biryanis and harbors plans to extend this culinary pride beyond national borders, aiming to share the essence of Hyderabadi gastronomy with the entire world.

Brand’s USP and Value Proposition

Paradise prides itself on delivering delectable Biryani, meticulously crafted through an authentic DUM process. In terms of its product category, the brand provides the best-in-class range of authentic Hyderabadi Biryanis and Kebabs, setting the standard for excellence. In the realm of dining experience, the restaurant provides a warm and family-friendly casual environment. Customers can relish not only exceptional cuisine but also enjoy the inviting ambiance and gracious hospitality, making each visit a delightful experience. For those seeking a quick and convenient option, their take-away and delivery services guarantee prompt pick-up and timely delivery. The biryanis and kebabs arrive at the customer’s doorstep piping hot, maintaining the same level of quality as enjoyed in their dine-in setting.

Future Plans

Recognizing the immense popularity of Biryani as the quintessential comfort food of the nation, Paradise is poised to capitalize on this royal creation embarking on an expansion plan. The goal is to establish a presence with 500+ outlets spread across the top cities in India over the next five years.

Paradise’s expansion plan is not just a business strategy; it’s a culinary journey aimed at bringing the comfort and joy of Biryani to every corner of the nation. Through this venture, the brand envisions becoming a cultural phenomenon and an integral part of the gastronomic landscape in India.


Biryani in India is not just a dish; it is a cherished tradition and a culinary journey that resonates with people from diverse backgrounds. By leveraging the widespread love for Biryani and the trust built through the brand’s commitment to quality and authenticity, Paradise aims to create a culinary empire that caters to the cravings of Biryani enthusiasts nationwide.


Retailer/ Brands name: Paradise Biryani

Parent Company: Paradise Foodcourt Pvt. Ltd.

Company Headquarters: Hyderabad

Launch Year: 1953

Owner/Promoter: Samara Capital

Retail Format of Outlets: Casual Dine-in Restaurants


Target Customer Base: Families

Unique Offerings: Biryani & Kebabs

Options for Take-out, Delivery, or Catering Services: Dine-in, Take Away and Delivery and Online ordering through Swiggy, Zomato and Paradise App

Technology in use: LS Retail, Navision


Retail Outlets Currently: 80 outlets

Average Sales per Day/Week/Month: Ranging from 80K to 2 Lakh+ per day

Number of Employees: 1800+ employees

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