Friday, June 14, 2024

BLive Boosts EV Deployment through enhanced Zomato Partnership

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BLive, India’s prominent multi-brand EV platform, is expanding its collaboration with food ordering and delivery platform Zomato, in the southern region. Since establishing collaboration with Zomato in June 2023 to introduce electric vehicle fleets in metros, as well as Tier 1 and 2 cities, BLive has been upfront in facilitating Zomato’s sustainable last-mile delivery goals. BLive has already successfully deployed electric vehicle fleets in four major cities across India, including Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Chennai, and Hyderabad.

Building on this momentum, the extended collaboration now includes deploying TVS iQube scooters for last-mile deliveries in additional key cities. This strategic move not only addresses the EV supply gap but also reinforces the commitment to promoting electric mobility for sustainable business operations in multiple regions.

BLive offers a seamless and eco-friendly solution for last-mile deliveries while fostering the adoption of electric vehicles in India. For Zomato, this collaboration will further fortify their ‘EV100’ initiative aimed at 100% deliveries through EVs by 2033, leading to Net Zero emissions across the food ordering and delivery value chain.

Talking about this strategic expansion, Samarth Kholkar, CEO and Co-founder, BLive, said,”BLive has been working tirelessly to enable faster adoption of EVs in India. I’m glad that our collaboration with Zomato is helping them attain their EV100 goal. This will also strengthen BLive’s position as the one-stop shop for all EV solutions as we aim to onboard 1,000 micro-fleet operators in the next 3 years to meet the requirements of the growing last-mile delivery sector.”

Anjalli Ravi Kumar, Chief Sustainability Officer, Zomato, said, “We are deeply committed to reducing the environmental impact of food deliveries. Our commitment to facilitating 100% deliveries through EVs, leading to Net Zero emissions across the food ordering and delivery value chain by 2033, is powered by partnerships like these. A shift from conventional vehicles to eco-friendly EV is a shared commitment to sustainability and aligns with our vision of becoming a more responsible and sustainable company.”

Notably, this partnership is a part of BLive’s Rent-to-Own model, to make EVs affordable for all delivery partners. Moreover, BLive also offers a wide range of EVs from all top brands to delivery partners.

Currently, EVs account for about 5% of total vehicle sales but there is a significant shift from ICE vehicles to EVs taking place. Experts think that EVs could account for more than 40% of India’s automotive market by 2030.

In India, last-mile deliveries account for 66% of daily trips, which accounts for roughly 200 million journeys. Most of the organizations are now encouraging their delivery executives to switch to EVs and hence the opportunities of growth in this sector are immense. And BLive is geared up to play a pivotal role in the EV revolution unfolding in India.

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