Friday, June 14, 2024

Baskin Robbins introduces new product portfolio

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Baskin Robbins, India’s premium ice cream brand, has announced the launch of its new product range for the summer season, which also taps into the growing trend of snacking. The brand wants to to expand its focus from ice creams as merely dessert options, to include an all-day snacking experience.

The brand has introduced two new product formats – Doublet Bars and Ice Cream Funwich. The doublet bar is a multi-layered snack available in two variants: Choco Fudge & Raspberry Vanilla. The Ice Cream Funwich presents a combination of creamy butterscotch ice cream sandwiched between crunchy Italian caramel cookies. The company has also expanded the range of its bite-sized Ice Cream Rocks with two exciting new flavours, Caramel Biscuit, and Hazelnut.

In line with the evolving preferences of its customers, Baskin Robbins has also introduced new ice cream flavours such as Naughty Nutella, Ferrero Moments Mousse, and Brown Biscuit Boba. The price of all these new flavours are starting at INR 94.  For fruit lovers, the brand has a new offering – Fruitini shakes that are crafted using milk and fruits. The brand is launching Lollipop Sundaes to appeal to the children segment. The price range of these  Lollipop Sundaes are ranging from INR 130 to INR 160 and have a range of flavors including Strawberry, Alphonso mango, Dutch chocolate, Cotton candy and more.

Baskin Robbins entered India in 1993 through a joint venture with the Graviss Group. Since then, the brand has expanded its footprint to over 900 stores across 280 cities in India. Beyond parlors, the brand has established a presence in over 5000 retail outlets (including modern trade, hypermarkets, and general trade), as well as in hospitality, multiplexes, and airlines across India. Baskin Robbins’ products are also available on numerous food aggregators and e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, Graviss exports Baskin Robbins products to other SAARC countries such as Nepal, Sri Lanka, Maldives, and beyond.

The company has reported a 25% growth in FY23-24 across diverse B2B and B2C channels, driven by its innovative new products and multi-channel expansion efforts.

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