Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Avni, Ashni Biyani Launch Foodstories at Ambience Mall

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Avni Biyani and Ashni Biyani, daughters of retail mogul Kishore Biyani, have embarked on a new entrepreneurial journey with the launch of Foodstories, situated within Ambience Mall in Delhi. This marks their inaugural retail venture following the restructuring of the erstwhile Future Group’s extensive retail empire. Notably, Avni and Ashni previously spearheaded Foodhall, a chain comprising 10 gourmet outlets nationwide, prior to its cessation of operations last year.

Positioned as a distinguished high-end concept store with an experiential essence, Foodstories transcends conventional supermarket paradigms, offering patrons a narrative woven through the tapestry of gastronomy.  Talking about the new venture, Avni BiyaniFounder, Foodstories, said, ‘’In every region of India, their food is being celebrated.There are numerous producers, growers, entrepreneurs, and farmers engaging in innovative practices, cultivating unique ingredients locally or foraging them from forests. Recognizing this diversity, we realized the necessity for a space and platform where these individuals could converge, and weave captivating narratives. Through Foodstories, we aim to offer consumers opportunities to delve deeper and explore food in ways that have never been experienced before.’’

Spanning an impressive expanse of 10,000 square feet, the establishment incorporates an inviting all-dining café accommodating 25 to 30 guests, enhancing the overall experiential ambiance. The store also has a Kitchen Studio that allows content creators, brands, and Chefs to host immersive experiences and food samplings. Apart from that, the store has a bakery with over 100 varieties of Freshly baked breads and other confectionery items. The store also has a cheese room that displays over 125 varieties of homegrown and globally sourced cheese and also provides cheese platters for pick-ups. Their dry fruits and spice gardens have premium quality nuts, seeds, dry fruits, and spices that are ethically sourced and bring forward an assortment of local regions and flavors.  

Additionally, Foodstories showcases an eclectic assortment of gourmet delicacies, encompassing an array of fresh produce, condiments, and packaged goods comprising oils, snacks, RTE, RTC, and meats sourced from both international and domestic brands. Additionally, plans are underway to initiate e-commerce operations in Delhi later this year, further expanding its reach and accessibility.

Distinctive sections within the store, such as Bake Break, Beverage Bar, Hydration Station, High Tea, Breakfast Club, Snack Shack, and Sauce City, unveil an array of premium culinary offerings and elevate the culinary exploration experience beyond conventional norms.

The store’s grand inauguration on March 15th and 16th featured an enriching panel discussion graced by prominent figures in the retail landscape including Avni Biyani herself, alongside Vasuki Punj, Yahvi Mariwala, Naveen Patwal, and Amit Lohani. Their engaging anecdotes and insightful perspectives shed light on the evolving trajectory of culinary exploration in India, emphasizing the harmonious convergence of traditional shopping paradigms with gastronomic innovation. The event also showcased food stories by India’s top restaurant The Bombay Canteen, and gin crafters Stranger & Sons, giving a delightful experience to the food enthusiasts.

The event also showcased ways in which children can cultivate hydroponic herbs at home through Triton Food Works on Day 2, followed by an immersive coffee workshop conducted by Nandan Coffee. Following the workshop, the Baker’s Story segment featured Chef Heena Punwani from Maska Bakery, who shared her food story during a baking workshop held at the store’s Kitchen Studio. The event concluded with a brunch accompanied by captivating stories shared by other prominent figures during a wine pairing session.

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