Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Wahter Raises Rs 5 Crores in Pre-Seed Funding

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Wahter, India’s packaged drinking water brand has successfully raised Rs 5 crores in pre-seed funding at a valuation of Rs 52 Crores. This funding round marks a significant milestone in Wahter’s journey towards expanding its reach and impact.

With this funding, Wahter aims to expand its distribution network, optimize its production processes, and further innovate its advertising-driven revenue model. The company plans to increase the number of carts, strollers, and kiosks to cover more high-traffic areas, thereby providing advertisers with a broader demographic to target. 

Additionally, Wahter will invest in advanced technology to streamline operations, improve logistics, and ensure the highest quality of bottled water. Wahter also intends to strengthen its team by increasing its headcount, enabling it to execute its expansion plans.

Amitt Nenwani, Co-founder, Wahter, said, “Wahter is bringing a significant change in the advertising and packaged drinking water sectors. We are encouraged by the positive response from both brands and consumers. The campaigns we have conducted for our brands have yielded surprisingly positive results, highlighting the effectiveness of our model. Securing this pre-seed funding reflects the confidence our investors have in our innovative business model and vision. The support from our investors will be instrumental in executing these plans, and we are deeply grateful for it.”

Wahter was founded in December 2023 with a mission to provide clean and affordable drinking water while offering an advertising platform for brands. By leveraging the power of advertising, Wahter ensures that consumers can access bottled water at just Rs 1 or Rs 2. The company’s unique approach involves integrating brand advertisements onto water bottle labels, creating a win-win scenario where advertising investments subsidize the cost of water.

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