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Ferrero Group Releases 15th Sustainability Report 

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The Ferrero Group has released its 15th Sustainability Report, showcasing substantial progress across its primary sustainability pillars: Protecting the Environment, Sourcing Ingredients Responsibly, Promoting Responsible Consumption, and Empowering People.

Giovanni Ferrero, Executive Chairman  Ferrero Group, emphasized the critical role that the company plays in safeguarding nature for future generations. He highlighted that sustainability is integral to Ferrero’s long-term strategy, guiding every strategic decision. ‘‘All the four pillars of our sustainability framework guide every strategic decision we take.’’ He adds,  ‘‘Ferrero values its long-term partnerships with communities where it operates and sources raw materials, recognizing the importance of collaboration to advance social and environmental agendas and create societal value.’’

Key Highlights from the Sustainability Report

Transparency and Responsible Sourcing: Ferrero has made notable advancements in transparency within its core ingredient supply chains. In the hazelnut supply chain, the company achieved 90% traceability, up from 79% in the previous year. This improvement is a result of ongoing collaborations with farmers, suppliers, institutions, universities, and research centers to promote sustainable farming practices.

Deforestation and Cocoa Supply Chain: Ferrero has addressed deforestation challenges by employing satellite mapping to increase cocoa traceability to 93% at the farm level in 2022-23. The company is a long-standing member of the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI), leveraging cutting-edge technology to enhance supply chain transparency.

Child and Forced Labour: Ferrero Group is also actively tackling child and forced labor through partnerships with organizations like Save the Children, Earthworm Foundation, and the International Labour Organisation (ILO). In the Haut-Sassandra Region of Ivory Coast, Ferrero’s initiatives with Save the Children have reached over 18,000 people across 65 communities.

In addition to it, Ferrero India has made significant strides towards sustainability goals. Some of them are:

· Packaging: 97.95% of Ferrero India’s packaging is now recyclable, reusable, or compostable, up from 88.5% in 2021-22.

· Plastic Footprint: Achieved a 15% reduction in plastic usage compared to 2020-21.

· Carbon Emissions: Reduced carbon emissions by 3,455 tons in 2023-24.

· Water Intensity: Achieved a 23% reduction in water intensity at the Ferrero plant since the base year 2017-18 through reduction and reuse initiatives.

· Solar Energy: Installed solar panels covering 30,000 sq meters, supplying 13% of the factory’s energy load and reducing carbon emissions by 3,000 tons annually.

· Kinder Joy of Moving (KJOM) Project: Engaged over 10,000 children in Maharashtra in the KJOM program, promoting active lifestyles and well-being.

Ferrero’s comprehensive efforts reflect its dedication to sustainability, transparency, and responsible practices across its global operations.

Ferrero International S.A., commonly known as Ferrero Group or simply Ferrero, is an Italian multinational corporation headquartered in Alba, Italy. Ferrero is renowned as a leading manufacturer of branded chocolate and confectionery products and holds the position of the second-largest chocolate producer and confectionery company globally. The brand entered India in 2004. Headquartered in Pune, the company has regional sales offices in Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, and Mumbai with a robust distribution network across all the metros and mini-metros of India. The brand has a production plant in Baramati near Pune. In 2008, the company launched Kinder Joy and Tic Tacs which are popular packaged products in the Indian market. Recently, the brand launched the Ferrero Rocher Moments campaign featuring actor Sara Ali Khan.

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